10 simple ways to switch off this autumn

10 simple ways to switch off this autumn

We enjoy strolling around Instagram, binge-watching Netflix, and dancing on TikTok. But, let's be honest... We'd all like to spend less time staring at our phones or devices.

Why switch off those screens?

Cutting back on screen time has a slew of health benefits. Here are a few of our favorites...


1. Reduced levels of stress

2. Get more restful sleep

3. Reduce the feelings of FOMO 4. Improve your attention span

5. You'll be happier (statistics back this up!)

6. Make time for a new activity.

Ten things to help you switch off

1. screen down / glowing globs

Instead of scrolling, try playing with our glowing globs. You'll get rid of your phone addiction and replace it with a good one.


2. Turn off all notifications

You're unlikely to require them in the first place.


3. Don't use your phone to start or end your day.

When was the last time you checked it first thing in the morning put you in a good mood? Exactly. Instead, drink some water!


4. Switch to airplane mode.

Are you going to see some friends? Cooking? Having a cup of coffee? Give them your whole attention.


5. Breathe and meditate

It allows you to concentrate on and enjoy the present moment.


6. Exercise by going for a stroll, a run, or a workout.

While endorphins operate to relieve anxiety, you'll keep away from your device. Win-win. Don't forget your air-up bottle, too!


7. Instead, read a book.

Whatever you read will make you feel better and teach you something. There's some serious stuff here. Sometimes there's a lot of nonsense.


8. Practice yoga

A daily stretch keeps a bad back at bay.


9. Look for some greenery.

Take a walk outside and take in the scenery. You become calmer and more creative as a result of it.


10. Take a relaxing bath

They're cozy, relaxing, and often unsuitable for phones.